Best Home Business Ideas : Professional Jewelry Business

strong>If you love the art of making jewelry, then you’ll have a great time as a professional jewelry business and design accessories
Jewelry and accessories are always popular, especially today when all those “60’s” style beads are back in style.
You can work with beads, with traditional elements like gold and/or silver, with glass, fabrics, feathers, clays – whatever
suits your talents and fancies. And you can specialize in earrings, rings, pins or pendants, or in handcrafted handbags or hats.
The advantages to this business are that you get to be creative in your career, you meet lots of interesting people while selling
your art, and you can start part time if you like. You will need the talent and skills to design and turn out jewelry or
accessories others will want to be seen in. And in addition to all that artistic sensibility, you’ll need plenty of marketing
creativity and drive -you’ll need to sell your products as well as make them.

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Best Home Business Ideas : Kids Taxi Services Business

If you’re a kid lover who likes to be on the go, you can save the day with a kids’ taxi services.

Kids these days have schedules just about as hectic as their parents – school, soccer practice, Little League,
ballet lessons, orthodontist appointments, after-school care – it can leave working parents with no time to work
in between all these drop-off and pick-up assignments.

You’ll transport Babs and Junior to wherever they need to be, leaving
parents free to win the bread. With nearly 16 million families with children under age 18 and both parents in the
workforce, this is a business idea with plenty of potential. The advantages to the kids’ taxi service are that you’ll
forge relationships with the kids you drive on a routine basis, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re
helping your clients’ lives run more smoothly. You’ll need nerves of steel; you can’t be distracted by giggling
or minor wars in the back of the van or by imminent car sickness up front. At the same time you’ll need to love
kids and understand their need to be treated as people rather than parcels. You’ll also need a good sense of
logistics to figure out how to get two different passengers to opposite ends of town for appointments at the same time.

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Best Business Ideas – Health Taxi Services Business

Starting a health taxi service in your community may be the unique new business enterprise idea that you’ve been searching for.
The business concept is simply this: Purchase, lease or rent a suitable mode of transportation such as a passenger van.
Set up accounts with local doctors, dentists and health professionals in your community to provide their patients with a way
of getting to and from the doctor’s office or clinic via your health taxi service. The doctors would pay a flat fee for every
patient that your service taxied to the doctor’s location. Not only will the patients benefit form a free taxi service, but
the doctors will also benefit by ensuring that patients can get to them to receive proper medical care. Be sure to check out
all the legal aspects of the business in terms of liability insurance and special driving permits prior to establishing a
health taxi service in your community.

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